A suggestion to save a part of the old bridge

To The Nyack Villager—
I am not sure if something like this has been considered for ferry service from Nyack and access to the new bridge walking path. Why not save several hundred feet of the old TZ bridge on the Rockland side for ferry parking and bridge access parking?

Obviously much design work would be needed for ferry docks, pavilions, elevators and stairs, automobile access back to the north side Thruway and access to the walking path but it seems like a good use and it won’t displace other real estate in the area. Hopefully it would also keep traffic off the local streets.

It would make for interesting views too.
—Mitch Silverstein

More thoughts on the P.O.

To The Nyack Villager—
For the past 27 years that I have lived in Nyack, we have had little or no problems with our mail service. Our mail carriers have always been wonderful people who I have known on a first name basis. They have always been friendly and understanding of our (not always people-friendly) dogs that like to hang out on the front porch in warm weather. There have been route changes over the years but we were always fortunate to gain friendly new carriers (fingers crossed!) These people are out there in all kinds of weather, still offering a smile and a hello under the most adverse conditions. Theirs is a physically demanding job.

The post office itself is a totally different matter. There’s that line …. the one that never seems to go away …. … with just one person trying to meet everybody’s needs. I’ve often thought it would make for a good sit-com, á la Ricky Gervais’ The Office. I avoid going there and frequent the Valley Cottage P.O. instead, where there are usually two cheerful and efficient workers who keep things moving.

I don’t claim to have any answers, but I do have many questions.
—Laura Pakaln

Services declining?

To The Nyack Villager—
Thank you for allowing villagers to submit their voice about the post office and mail delivery. As a villager, home owner and property tax payer for 10 years now the mail delivery has indeed taken a turn for the worse. Where are the days of knowing your postman? We had a wonderful postman named Charlie. When Charlie got reassigned we stopped receiving our mail daily; sometimes 3 days would go by or my son would have to walk to the post office and ask where his Time magazine subscription was, call up Time magazine and ask them to send him another magazine because he didn’t receive that week’s issue.

In addition to our mail, where is the garbage truck? Are we not suppose to be receiving garbage removal two times per week? When was it reduced to one time per week? There were days in the winter when it didn’t even come one day per week. Some weeks were missed. Now we could hear the argument that snow removal [interfered with trash collection] however it did not snow that much the entire winter that garbage removal should have been that affected. I remember times I would see the garbage truck sit on my street, parked, and wonder what was happening. Someone went to get something, got back in the truck and drove away without picking up the garbage on the entire street. Is anyone else experiencing garbage pick up one time per week? What I do know is I pay exorbitant amounts of money in taxes to have the privilege of being a Nyack resident, where are the services we pay for? Why have services to the public declined?

Please do not print my name and address as I would still like to receive mail occasionally and garbage removal as well.
—Name withheld at writer’s request.