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To The Nyack Villager—

When will Didier re-open?
To The Nyack Villager—
As I pass nearly every day, Didier’s Patisserie is not yet open and may not be for a while. Men are working there and expanding the shop. The coffee is delicious as are the cookies and pastries.
I await their opening. But they are not open yet—as of Feb. 3, 2015.

Can anyone determine when they might be open for business?
—Judith Kurland, Nyack

[Editor’s note—when we spoke to him on February 20, Vincent Fiorentino, Nyack’s Fire Inspector, said Didier Dumas’ Patisserie would re-open in about two weeks— good news for all the Nyackers who have had to do without their elegant pastries for these many bleak months.

Snowy sidewalks
To The Nyack Villager—
Have you noticed (or almost hit) the pedestrians in the street making their way along Route 59/Main St. from 9W to Waldron and beyond? No one clears the sidewalks, so what are they to do?

Isn’t there a law about owners clearing? Are there no fines, nor remedies, nor inspectors? This is a public safety issue of life or death. If I were to hit one of the many dark-clad guys at night, I could never live with myself. HELP!
—Susan Malin, South Nyack, NY