Yo-yo Story
To The Editor:
Bravo on the yo-yo piece! [July 2014 Nyack Villager] You answered a question which has lingered for more than 70 years. Why was the man who came to demonstrate/sell yo-yos in the Woolworth store in Yonkers Filipino?
Thank you, too, for the etymology of yo-yo which, in our fluid, imaginative language has gone on to become an adjective, a verb, and a noun of disparagement.

When I indicated to the salesman that I wished to buy one, a light blue one with a blurred silver stripe at its diameter, he asked if I would like him to carve a palm tree on one of its wooden sides. I consented. The price for all the magic was fifty cents, as I recall.

Speaking of real magic, go to youtube and search for yo-yo champion. You will not believe (comprehend) what you see.
Very truly yours, —Lester LeViness, Nyack