Heart-wrenching story
To The Nyack Villager—
Thank you for the heart-wrenching piece about my Uncle Buddy McCandless. We often think about how our lives might be different had he survived. I was not born until four years after the dreadful telegram arrived but the impact of reading it as the home was cleaned out many years later was as if I had been there.

My grandmother and I would sit on that same porch later in life, awaiting a package of slides or a letter from my cousin Pete Brokaw, who fought in Vietnam Nam with the 101st Airborne Division. While Pete arrived home safely, his life was drastically changed by the war.

As Memorial Day approaches, let us remember all those brave men and women who gave their lives as we pay our respects and show our support of our war veterans at the local watch fires.
—Peggy Koval

Like coffee with a friend
Dear Habers—
Thank you for the wonderful Nyack Villager; it is a much-looked-forward-to publication every month. Since I laud all that you do, please don’t view this as a complaint, because
I would lay the responsibility more at the door of the Postal Service, but I have no way of asking them to deliver your newsletter before the first weekend of the month. I know the issue is available online, but there is a LOT of information in the paper Villager and many people like myself probably luxuriate over it, clip things out, etc. I don’t enjoy sitting at a computer for 90 minutes to read something on line if I can sit with the Villager, like having coffee with a friend. I am not of the Twitter generation and don’t like to “live online”, attached to devices every hour of the day. I was hoping that you could take the matter up with the Postal Service in Nyack. Our May issue arrived on May 7th. Typically, every issue for the last 5 or so months has arrived AFTER the first weekend of the month, and I miss any event happening on the first weekend. I waited to see if the late deliveries were an aberration, but now see they have become normal for the Postal Service. I hope they might respond to you as Editors. Thanks very much for considering this request for timely delivery.
With best regards,
—Leslie Powell

Beautiful watercolor
To The Nyack Villager—
My mother grew up in Nyack and an old friend sent her a copy of your April publication. Imagine her surprise when she saw a beautiful watercolor of her childhood home on the cover! Her home was 45 Washington St. (upper left hand corner of the cover). Her great-grandfather, Cornelius DeBaun was the builder. We are looking for some help. First, is there any way to contact the artist, Beverly Bozarth Colgan? We are very interested in purchasing prints of her beautiful watercolor of our house. Secondly, we are dying to know—what is the “secret” of that house?
—Kathy Kelly
[Editor’s note—We will forward your note to the artist—and try to have the secret for the next Villager issue.