Please list Farmers’ Market Vendors
To The Nyack Villager—

As a prominent weekly event in Nyack life, the Nyack Farmers’ Market should be listed in the calendar appearing in the Villager. I assume that it is the negligence of the Chamber of Commerce that the Farmers Market hasn’t been submitted on your excellent and easy Submit an Event page. This page didn’t apply to me, I felt, because I’m not a member of the Chamber of Commerce. I do not wish to step on any toes, but I do believe it would benefit the Nyack Community and the Vendors at the market if the event was listed in your monthly calendar in The Villager.
—Elsa Weintraub

[Editor’s note—a great suggestion. The list of vendors is not left out due to lack of interest on our part or negligence on the part of the Chamber. The October Villager goes to press a little after mid-September and the Chamber publishes its list of vendors around October 1st. Our schedules don’t match! However, we’ll look into it and maybe figure out some way in which we can be helpful.]

Preserving Hook Mountain
To The Nyack Villager—

Hook Mountain is as intertwined with the identity of the Nyacks and Lower Hudson Valley as the Statue of Liberty is to New York City. We as a local community must do everything we can to preserve this special place.

The Sisters of Marydell have received many offers to acquire their property at the base of Hook Mountain. Fortunately, the Sisters are committed to integrating their property within the adjacent Hook Mountain State Park and Nyack Beach State Park. This will protect the views and enhance the visitor experience to these parks, including new hiking trails.

For decades, the Sisters have generously allowed the public to trespass on their property for hiking, running, and snowshoeing. There is currently no guarantee that this practice will continue. The popular southern access points along Midland Avenue and the surrounding area to the top of the Hook are in jeopardy, as this land is for sale to private development.

The Sisters are quickly aging so the time to act is now. The Sisters are seeking our communal support of this vision or they will be forced to consider undesirable alternatives. The good news is that protecting Hook Mountain is also a wise financial investment for our community. The site is currently tax-exempt but the Palisades Interstate Park Commission will pay taxes on the portions of the property that it takes ownership of.

Based on current estimates, the Nyack School District will receive around $92,000 per year. The Village of Upper Nyack, Clarkstown, and other local agencies will also receive new-found monies—and without corresponding additional service expenses.

In other words, the proposed plan would result in significant tax relief for the local community. Let’s not miss this short window of an opportunity to forever protect this sacred place for present and future generations. Please sign the petition in support of the effort at
—David H. Neil (Upper Nyack)

More on preserving Hook Mountain
To The Nyack Villager—

Nyack and the encircling Palisades have a long history—from boat building and quarrying to the present mix of village and open land. The region is very special in its expansive views of and from the Hook and its eclectic collection of people and businesses. As a friend remarked when stuck in traffic on the TZ Bridge: “This is a world-class view!” Having been in the Rhine Valley and Nepal many times, we agree. That was a major reason why we moved here from Westchester over 25 years ago.

Shortly after we moved here, we realized that the view was not guaranteed in its entirety. Although various groups had long ago saved most of the high ground, the base of the Hook had a potential problem. Privately held, money problems at the time loomed for the owners, and local real estate interests dictated that ‘rateables’ were the only solutions to everyone’s problems.

Several of us started the group, Help the Hook, and planning boards, fund raising, political activity and endless discussion went on for a number of years. Fortunately, the owners (Marydell) have managed to hold to their original principles, offering their community activities and keeping the beautiful land at the base of the Hook intact.

Twenty-five years later, the key moment is now here. Palisades Interstate Park, the Trust for Public Land, a major nonprofit real estate firm, and a number of local officials support a solution to the preservation problem. There is money on the table. We urge residents, politicians and the public spirited to throw their weight and dollars behind this plan which will preserve the base of the Hook and Marydell for the future.
—Frederick and Marion Shaw, Upper Nyack.

A candidate for Village Trustee writes
To The Nyack Villager—

My name is Joe Carlin, and I am a candidate for Village of Nyack Trustee in the upcoming Nov. 3rd election.

Why am I running? We all live in a wonderful Village, but I am concerned that some on the Village Board have become distant and disconnected to the needs and desires of the Village residents.

My goal is to bring government back to the people of Nyack, where it belongs.

Among the many issues currently facing the Village is the proposed TZ Vista project, in particular the requested Text Amendment to the Village Code that would allow the developer to build to 6 stories without going through the normal zoning process. I strongly believe that the Text Amendment, and the process followed in recommending it to the Village Board by the Planning Board, is wrong, and I am firmly opposed to it. I am, like many in the Village, also opposed to allowing a 6-story condominium to be constructed on our last available vacant section of riverfront.

But this is not all. My major concerns and issues include the following—
• Open, accountable, and responsive

• Preserving and increasing access to the
Nyack Riverfront for ALL residents

• Promotion of Village Economic Devel-

• Fiscal Responsibility

• Quality of Life Issues

Many of you will recognize me from my activities on behalf of the Village residents—I helped to effect change at the Nyack Post Office and the downtown Bar cleanup situation. You will also see my frequent posts to the various FB pages devoted to Nyack with regard to Village government and quality of life issues.

We need to change the status quo; I ask the residents of the Village to keep an open mind, and visit www.JoeCarlinForNyackTrustee.com and/or www.facebook.com/JoeCarlinForNyackTrustee to learn more about me and my platform.

I am not a politician, but I am definitely a concerned citizen who wants to make our great Village even better.
—Joe Carlin / Candidate for Nyack Village Trustee