Sunday, November 29 at 10am-4pm. Some of Nyack’s favorite merchants and popular vendors come inside for a Holiday Shopping fair. Local artisans sell one-of-a-kind gifts, jewelry, a[...]
Questions from a reader In this issue of The Nyack Villager, Mr. O’Prey of Nanuet wrote to ask a couple of interesting questions. His letter appears on page 2. At his suggestion, w[...]
As the weather turns colder, the members of Montebello Jewish Center are opening their synagogue to feed and shelter homeless Rockland County residents who don’t have a place to sl[...]
When I was told the River Club is closing I felt a great sadness and loss. Jan and I used to go to River Club to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays or to just have a nice dinner to[...]
The Village of Nyack will reclaim its oldest Dutch sandstone house (23 Main Street in Nyack) from a bank following a complicated negotiation led by a newly-formed non-profit group,[...]
NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council) and the U.S. Navy finally reached a federal court agreement regarding a long-running fight—in the whales’ favor. As a result of the settlem[...]
The Facts about Head lice We read that head lice are showing up in 25 states and they have developed resistance to the pyrethroid class of insecticides, the common over-the-counter[...]
We hear a lot about diets that burn off fat, but that implies it was transformed to heat or energy—or muscle but any of these would violate the law of conservation of mass; nuclear[...]