Beverley Bozarth Colgan provided the wonderful watercolors in this issue of The Nyack Villager. She specializes in watercolor paintings of landscapes, floral and botanical still li[...]
Useful Words That Don’t Exist in English by Jan Haber As rich as English is, it’s missing a few gems: 1. Kummerspeck (Germany) Excess weight gained due to emotional overeating. Tra[...]
Beards are in…revisited by Shel Haber Beards Are In was the title of a long article in The New York Times. In response, the online magazine GQ pointed out that Beards are now[...]
Why Do We Say….? They’re figures of speech we all use daily—but where do they come from? Happy As a Clam This well-known expression only makes much sense if you know the whol[...]
For many years, the Oxford Dictionary has been choosing one word per year to add to the vocabulary of English-speakers. The word for 2013: selfie n. a photographic self-portrait ta[...]
Most International airports are named after political people like presidents or kings: Washington DC’s Ronald Reagan and John Foster Dulles Airports or King Abdulaziz International[...]
Vertebrate of the Year It’s a safe bet that the naked mole rat didn’t get its exalted status as Vertebrate of the Year on its good looks alone. A small (3” to 4” long) hairless gro[...]
200 Years of Bad Weather . . … freezing, bitter, bleak, frigid, bad weather. When we say small talk we’re usually talking about bad weather, so here is some small talk from t[...]