Shady Characters: QUIZ 1) Which mark of punctuation was once taught as the 27th letter of the alphabet? • Asterisk (*) • Pilcrow (¶) • Ampersand (&) 2) What does this symbol ([...]
The scoop on ice cream by Jan Haber Without ice cream, there would be darkness and chaos. —Don Kardong, American Distance Runner We were brought up on the legend that ice cream was[...]
For the first time, according to the Center for Disease Control, unaccounted-for vials of live smallpox virus have been discovered in the United States. Deadly to humans, smallpox [...]
Earth’s magnetic field is weakening ten times faster than originally predicted, according to researchers collecting data at the European Space Agency (ESA). Our magnetic field, whi[...]
It takes everybody about 21 seconds to pee. That’s everybody—you, me, the cat, the cow and the elephant. Researchers at the Atlanta Zoo found that all mammals that weigh more than [...]
As we’re deep in prime cook-out season, we are reminded that not every backyard chef can accurately judge the done-ness of the steak or the chicken. And there you are, dealing with[...]
The Colorful History of the Yo-Yo National Yo-Yo Day is celebrated on the birthday of Donald F. Duncan, the American developer of the toy thought to be the second oldest in the wor[...]
by Jan Haber, Editor, The Nyack Villager E-Cigarettes may not generate smoke, but their presence gives off no shortage of political heat. What they are not: E-Cigarettes contain no[...]