Almost every week one of the media outlets will spend time reminding me of the importance of regular exercise as a way to good health. I see all the young folks in the village jogg[...]
In the 1960s Nyack hadn’t yet emerged from tough times; a bad economy, chronic fires and street crime combined to keep many of the shops on Main Street and Broadway empty. An artic[...]
Michael B. Savin, DMD, 153 N. Broadway Nyack, NY 10960 (845) 358-5222 Dr. Savin is a periodontist—a dentist specializing in treatment of gum disease and tooth implants. Periodontis[...]
Longtime readers of The Nyack Villager may remember a story we wrote, in February, 2010, called Godsend on Third Avenue. It was about Dr. Lloyd Hamilton, whose free clinic treats p[...]
Disney princesses are pretty, virtuous and (let’s face it) fairly boring—or at least predictable. Recently, Jason Porath, a former DreamWorks animator, began to think about female [...]
Shady Characters: QUIZ 1) Which mark of punctuation was once taught as the 27th letter of the alphabet? • Asterisk (*) • Pilcrow (¶) • Ampersand (&) 2) What does this symbol ([...]
The scoop on ice cream by Jan Haber Without ice cream, there would be darkness and chaos. —Don Kardong, American Distance Runner We were brought up on the legend that ice cream was[...]
For the first time, according to the Center for Disease Control, unaccounted-for vials of live smallpox virus have been discovered in the United States. Deadly to humans, smallpox [...]