You might want to look into a thin (49 page) paperback called Flannel John’s Emergency Preparation & Bug Out Book. The author (Tim Murphy) says: Odds are good that at so[...]
Wow. Villager readers like to bake bread at home. More of you than I ever suspected. And not all the bread bakers are of the female persuasion. Quite a few men like to bake bread f[...]
I like breakfast. Sometimes I eat it early in the morning but there are times I like breakfast at noon or even at 2pm. Happily, there are several good breakfast places that meet my[...]
As you might expect, winning the Nobel Prize will change your life but, as one recent Nobel Laureate discovered, even carrying it around can be an adventure. Astrophysicist Brian S[...]
It was harder for great-grandma: she had no controls on her oven and her yeast was unreliable. Not our problems today. Few things are as satisfying as mixing, raising, baking and s[...]
I recently discovered two extraordinary kitchen gadgets. (“Oh, yeah? Where’s the surprise there?” Says somebody who knows me for the gadget nut I am.) Just because I own two of eve[...]
Wondering around the Internet, I was stopped in my tracks by this headline— “Your Starbucks Chai Latte has more sugar than a Snickers Bar.” The article went on to say, “A Grande (1[...]
Some notable ones are firmly rooted in the 20th Century. Case in point: Gremlins. Forget all about the 1984 movie and the Hollywood invention about Furbies that turn into evil crea[...]