History of America in Song, by Shel Haber The history of America is not all found in books. Some of our history is in the words of the songs we sing. From the American Revolution t[...]
The Know-Nothings and the Washington Monument by Shel Haber “The Know Nothings” was the name given to a major political movement that for a short time held great power in the Unite[...]
Buttonhole by Shel Haber A buttonhole is defined as a small slit in a garment through which a button can be fastened. Further description says it should have stitching around the o[...]
When asked to name the most dangerous jobs, most folks will say the people in the military, policemen and firefighters are at the greatest risk. Not so. Farming, mining and commerc[...]
The people of Iceland enjoy ice cream all year ‘round. Even in mid-Winter when the average temperature is just above freezing, Icelanders go out to get ice cream. According to expe[...]
There are many explanations of how and when Valentine’s Day gift-giving began, My own explanations is—‘way back in the days when my ancestors lived in warm dry caves, my great-grea[...]
Under exposed, by Shel Haber Gerrymandering, or how to fix an election—legally Since the 1994 election, an unusually low number of seats in the US House of Representatives has chan[...]
By the spring of 2014 kids and their parents will see their favorite Sesame Street buddies encouraging all of us to eat fruits and vegetables. Challenged by research done at Cornel[...]