The people of Iceland enjoy ice cream all year ‘round. Even in mid-Winter when the average temperature is just above freezing, Icelanders go out to get ice cream. According to expe[...]
There are many explanations of how and when Valentine’s Day gift-giving began, My own explanations is—‘way back in the days when my ancestors lived in warm dry caves, my great-grea[...]
Under exposed, by Shel Haber Gerrymandering, or how to fix an election—legally Since the 1994 election, an unusually low number of seats in the US House of Representatives has chan[...]
By the spring of 2014 kids and their parents will see their favorite Sesame Street buddies encouraging all of us to eat fruits and vegetables. Challenged by research done at Cornel[...]
A conversation with …Betsy Ceva Betsy Ceva and Charlene Bradin are the cofounders of Birchwood Center at 85 South Broadway, Nyack. Begun as a yoga school in1998 with two inst[...]
How do the 17-year cicadas know it’s the 17th year? by Shel Haber How do cicadas keep track of the passing years when they’re underground, cannot detect sunshine and lack fingers t[...]
Having a pet may increase your chance of avoiding heart disease and living longer, according to a statement released by the American Heart Association. The study also indicated peo[...]
Our ancestors didn’t have to worry about putting aside an hour a day for exercise. They were too busy chasing antelopes or walking miles to find a good patch of blueberries. Exerci[...]