HISTORICAL ACCURACY—OR THE LACK OF IT Never—ever—assume what you see up there on the screen is accurate. History teachers know this for a fact, but even so it’s sad to think [...]
It’s that time of year again, to dust off the dvds and start getting in the holiday mood. And as you look in your collection, you see your favorites—It’s A Wonderful Li[...]
April is finally here, and although it is a good month for theatrical releases, it is not as exciting as new movies on DVD or On Demand. The big news is—though American Sniper will[...]
What, exactly does a movie director do? When you watch a movie, everything you see and hear is in some way connected to the movie’s director. Through a vast collaboration of [...]
How the West was Lost The mysterious events in Utah that probably killed John Wayne and 91 cast and crew members (out of 220) at the filming, in 1956, of The Conqueror. The Conquer[...]
Ric’s Picks by Ric Pantale These are the new releases for March on DVD, and On Demand. As of this writing, the following movies are due in March but not yet given a release date. N[...]
It should be noted that while I haven’t seen every movie listed (contrary to popular opinion), I do get a chance to see some of them at the Cineplex, and I’m fortunate [...]
How the West Was Lost Utah’s “Little Hollywood,” and St.George’s Snow Canyon, the location for the 1956 film, The Conqueror, was the film that probably help kill John W[...]