Coughing and Sneezing Coughing and sneezing are things we do that we don’t think about. Occasional bursts are very normal. But some coughing is nothing to sneeze at. The coug[...]
The eyes have it Many of my clients are surprised when I discuss a referral to a Veterinary ophthalmologist. Animal eye problems are a great part of our practice.  Complicated eye [...]
I’m happy to finally be back two months after rotator cuff surgery. It was hard to be away from the animal hospital for that long but I am catching up with my human and furry[...]
Spring has sprung and we are going to spend a lot more time outside with our pets. That is, except for me. Those of you who follow this column know that, as well as loving animals,[...]
The cutest thing ever. Your new puppy. This is the start of a long, close relationship. You need to be prepared to make the very best of this relationship. The more you put in, the[...]
Builder vs Cat —one of our all time favorite columns, reprinted from the April, 2000 Villager I received this letter the other day and thought you might get a kick out of it. Dear [...]
Homes & Animal Home Care •  Homes We are still working on selling our “starter” house that we bought in 1973 in a development that was built in an apple orchard.  W[...]
The Animal Aspects of my Trip to Israel and France Every country has a different culture when viewing the human-animal connection.  I intend to pay attention to this as I travel th[...]