In 2015–three years after striking fast food workers in New York City called on their employers for a $15 minimum wage –New York became the first state in nation to rai[...]
HEALTH & SCIENCE: AVOIDING MSG by Leslie Haber Twenty years ago, I began to notice side effects from eating things that contained monosodium glutamate. After I ate some beef j[...]
This summer, I moved to Maine to start a new job—and to be closer to my family. Being outside in nature is how I unwind. I scheduled sea kayak trips every Saturday this summer, and[...]
I attended High School in the mid 1970s, where we learned about Brown vs the Board of Education, the landmark Supreme Court case argued by Thurgood Marshall, which declared separat[...]
My first cat, Moondust, lost her voice calling for me each time I went out of town for work.   After she died, I decided to bring home two kittens—littermates—who would keep each o[...]