With little inspiration coming from the plants in my gardens this winter month, a day is spent watching the movements of the fauna within. The scene opens atop a majestic tree, foc[...]
On Halloween, the sun will rise nearly 117 minutes later and set 140 minutes earlier than it did on Memorial Day.  We’ll lose forty-five minutes of daily light during the month of [...]
She was walking through the aisles of flowering perennials, lost in thoughts and dreams. He, in the tool shop, was eyeing a dangerous-looking metal thing and wondering how it worke[...]
“Hey there, you with the stars in your eyes …” Since my earliest days as a botanist, I’ve felt a profound connection between earthly plants and the heavens. While[...]
A plant will do just about anything to get noticed. Especially when the survival of its species is at stake. Their ‘need to seed’ begins in late Spring and Summer, while seeking th[...]
What me worry? It wasn’t the soil. It was stress that killed the hedge. At least that’s what I was told by the consulting arborist I brought in to explain the sudden death of a box[...]
Thoughts From A Plant Maven Plant shopping brings out the kid in me. Nurseries are my grown-up candy stores, satisfying an adult version of a sweet tooth —without the cavities.  I’[...]
What Marks the Arrival of Spring for you? Is it one thing in particular?  Perhaps the classic sighting of the first robin, spotting the first snowdrops or crocuses, or seeing bags [...]