• A HUGE MAJORITY OF NEW YORKERS ARE SATISFIED WITH HEALTH REFORM COVERAGE 92% of New Yorkers who became newly insured under health reform (“Obamacare”) are completely or somewhat [...]
When we were in the 4th grade we showed off for our friends with antidisestablishmentarianism (28 letters), defined as opposition to the disestablishment of the Church of England. [...]
by Jan Haber, Editor, The Nyack Villager E-Cigarettes may not generate smoke, but their presence gives off no shortage of political heat. What they are not: E-Cigarettes contain no[...]
Why Do We Say….? They’re figures of speech we all use daily—but where do they come from? Happy As a Clam This well-known expression only makes much sense if you know the whol[...]
For many years, the Oxford Dictionary has been choosing one word per year to add to the vocabulary of English-speakers. The word for 2013: selfie n. a photographic self-portrait ta[...]
A couple of months ago, The Word Hound brought you news of messages sometimes hidden in the placement of postage stamps on a postcard. This month we’ll do a little rudimentary deco[...]
You’ve sustained another painful paper cut. “Ouch!” you say. According to the etymologists, ouch is an interjection. Experts long assumed it was a sound made spontaneously by human[...]
Magic Words The first magic word I learned as a small child was Abracadabra. I associated it with stage magic, unaware that the incantation dated to the third century. Roman empero[...]