Remember the days? by James F. Leiner Nyack’s Last Ferry Robert M. Lee had a dream. All he needed was to find a diesel-driven boat that could operate in nine feet of water, carry p[...]
More on Nyack’s Unsolved Murder Who Killed Amy Stafford on Friday August 10, 1978? I asked the same question in my column of August 2010. Three years later I have a very good idea [...]
PFC Henry W. Cook I’m told the 440 race in track is the hardest to run. It’s not a distance race where a runner can pace himself; the race is more of all-out sprint. It is a grueli[...]
Christmas Bells Everything is ready: the tree is trimmed; holiday cards are taped to the door frame of the dining room. Dozens of Christmas cookies are festively placed on glisteni[...]
Civil War Veterans of Mount Moor The little plot of land lies just north of Old Nyack Turnpike now Route 59—a patch of green hillside nestled in the looming shadow of the second-la[...]
The Nyack Fire Department’s 150th Anniversary This month will see a large parade in Nyack as our volunteer firefighters from the Nyack Fire Dept. celebrate their 150th anniversary.[...]
The President Comes to Dinner Have you ever wondered what you might serve if the President of the United States came to dinner? I would hope you’d offer something besides a slice o[...]
Graduating from NHS—50 years ago Emotions ran high as 223 of my fellow graduates and I walked across McCalman Field towards our graduation ceremonies on a warm and muggy Thursday e[...]