To the Theatre with Holly Caster Gigi=NoNo It’s easy for a reviewer or audience member to sit back and criticize; we haven’t spent hundreds, if not thousands, of hours learning our[...]
TO THE THEATRE with Holly Caster (Come to the) Cabaret It’s hard to write a review of the Broadway musical Cabaret without using too many adjectives. Brilliant, frightening, cautio[...]
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Cinderella Cinderella has arrived on Broadway for the first time since 1950s, 60s and 90s made-for-TV versions. The Rodgers and Hammerstein musical is not their best, but still wor[...]
Shameless Plug A new show has opened at St. Luke’s Theater, conveniently located on 46th Street in New York City, also known as restaurant row. It’s called Miracle on South Divisio[...]
The Lure of the Award Show Tonight (well, last month as you read this) is the Golden Globe awards. They are Oscar-Lite, less pretentious, and a lot more fun—like a Bar Mitzvah, but[...]