The Villager’s wonderful window on our community Ray Bradbury once said, “Journalism keeps you planted in the earth.” I think that is particularly true of community journals. They [...]
I’ve heard people say, “I don’t use government services.” Not true! Rockland County government workers protect your children from online predators and bring evil-doers to justice. [...]
Ensuring our children’s future If children are our future—and of course they are—then we must ensure they grow to be productive members of society and capable of becoming the educa[...]
How many of my fellow Rocklanders remember what life was like in 1955? Most of us (or our parents) were driving Chevys or Fords that cost less than $2,000 and we were paying 23¢ pe[...]
The Importance of Libraries When I was a child, I rode the bus with my mother every Saturday morning to the library. The frequency of the trip never made the experience any less ma[...]
The New York Times recently ran a story on the effect our economy is having on our children. It discussed the obvious, such as kids relying on outside sources for donated school su[...]