Glancing at the magnet collection on my refrigerator, my eye fell on the one from Alcatraz, which my family visited this summer. It’s a round magnet with blue liquid filling [...]
Burning Out I recently spoke with a man who had received a prestigious promotion not too long ago, who needed help to see that he was pushing himself “way too hard”. Th[...]
Strength A patient I see told me recently about a video talk, by Simon Sinek which describes “why leaders eat last.” It’s an excellent talk, you can watch it onli[...]
MENTAL HEALTH NOTES, by Daniel Shaw Mercy I’m no theologian. I’m a non-sectarian spiritual humanist, on the verge of atheism but not quite there. I carry no card. But m[...]
Trauma Speaking psychologically, trauma is a word that is often used both too broadly and too narrowly. From the German, trauma literally means wound. Medically, your child’s knee [...]
Freedom! This 4th of July, aside from grilling burgers with friends who brought the best pot luck dishes I ever had, and aside from seeing 5 different fireworks displays up and dow[...]
Avoidance It took forever, but I finally got around to  writing this piece about avoidance (insert rim shot sound effect here). We can all laugh a little (or not) at our universal [...]
Envy I don’t think I’ve ever known anyone who didn’t feel envious.  Not you, of course.  You are a very kind, generous, loving person, and you are very content with what you have, [...]