The people of Iceland enjoy ice cream all year ‘round. Even in mid-Winter when the average temperature is just above freezing, Icelanders go out to get ice cream. According to expe[...]
Protect Against Dry Winter Skin November is Healthy Skin Month, a good time to fine-tune your skin care routine to avoid dry, itchy skin that can occur during the colder months. Dr[...]
Mrs. Ryan was waiting for me in the lobby. I had just performed a dental cleaning for her 9 year old cat, Simone, less than a week prior. Simone is a beautiful Domestic Long Hair w[...]
With the holidays over, it’s nice to kick back and relax with a movie you might have missed when it was in the theaters. January is traditionally a good month for new release[...]
First Class Puppy: A Guide For Your Puppy’s First Year by Beth Mattei-Miller First Class Canine, 2012 161 pages Who can resist a puppy? Those eyes, that baby fur, the wagging-out-o[...]
Fire Patrol turns 100 years old In the early 1890s, the newly incorporated Village of Nyack experienced a number of disastrous fires in the barns and livery stables scattered throu[...]
• A HUGE MAJORITY OF NEW YORKERS ARE SATISFIED WITH HEALTH REFORM COVERAGE 92% of New Yorkers who became newly insured under health reform (“Obamacare”) are completely or somewhat [...]
Angel: from the Greek angelos, meaning messenger. Many religions and mythologies tell of stories where angels serve as intermediaries, protectors, and ones who guide others. The fo[...]