PART 1: IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE Soon, it will be time for us to see “It’s a Wonderful Life” again. Dust off your DVD copy or wait for it on Television. If you’re a real f[...]
November releases on DVD and On Demand November is, of course, the beginning of the Holiday season. We will all watch our favorite Holiday films both in our collections and on TV. [...]
Ophthalmology, Nyack Hospital Diabetic retinopathy Diabetes, if not successfully controlled, can cause an eye disease called retinopathy that damages the blood vessels in the retin[...]
Houston, we have a problem—maybe, kinda, who knows …. I feel like I’m doing the community a service by keeping Nyack Villager readers informed of Apple changes: back in June,[...]
From Valley Cottage Animal Hospital With the holidays being the most popular time to bring a new dog into the home—many people can become overwhelmed with choosing the right breed [...]
Buying a home is quite possibly the largest investment you will ever make and knowing as much as possible about a property before you buy it is imperative. That’s where a professio[...]
Camp Merritt For adventurous folks who travel down Route 303, only 13 miles south of Nyack there is a sixty-six foot tall obelisk that was erected 90 years ago at Madison Avenue an[...]
Five Classic Racist Films—some may surprise you. Ah Hollywood! Today most of actors and filmmakers are acutely sensitive about political correctness. It is a liberal-minded paradis[...]