Five Classic Racist Films—some may surprise you. Ah Hollywood! Today most of actors and filmmakers are acutely sensitive about political correctness. It is a liberal-minded paradis[...]
New releases on DVD and On Demand October is here already and unbelievably there is only one horror film scheduled for video release—The Purge Anarchy, scheduled for October 21. To[...]
You just put your home on the market. You did all the “behind the scenes” work to make your home shine and reviewed comparable sales to make sure your home was priced well for mark[...]
You come home late from work to find your dog left you a “present” on your new rug. You were only 45 minutes late getting home from work, so you stare at your dog and a[...]
Passwords are giving me grief! I know I am not the only one. OY VEY. I just can’t keep them straight. I have tried various solutions. Every time I come up with a system that works [...]
Glancing at the magnet collection on my refrigerator, my eye fell on the one from Alcatraz, which my family visited this summer. It’s a round magnet with blue liquid filling [...]
New Guidelines on Lung Cancer Screening for Smokers During Healthy Lung Month, recognized in October, smokers and former smokers should talk to their doctor about lung scans for ea[...]
Remember the days? by James F. Leiner: Eagle Hose When we hear the alarm of FIRE these days the claxon horns blow the numbers of the closest alarm box to the fire, and soon we hear[...]