I feel the earth move under my feet. I see the snow tumbling down, tumbling down. Unlike the romantic cause of this turmoil in Carol King’s song, my imbalance comes from a heaving [...]
April is finally here, and although it is a good month for theatrical releases, it is not as exciting as new movies on DVD or On Demand. The big news is—though American Sniper will[...]
What, exactly does a movie director do? When you watch a movie, everything you see and hear is in some way connected to the movie’s director. Through a vast collaboration of [...]
What To Do With Your Old Electronics I think we’re all in the same boat: we try to repurpose our gear as much as possible but there does come a time when it’s time to let things go[...]
Some useful tips on reducing stress Life is full of challenges, deadlines, frustrations and demands. Stress has become a part of life for children and adults alike. In some instanc[...]
Kolby’s story by Nicole Rizzi, LVT This is the short story of Kolby Rizzi, the strongest dog I know. She’s a beautiful female Labrador Retriever who came all the way from Arkansas [...]
April is National Poetry Month. For poetry lovers, that means extra readings, book releases, and events. Some of us will even take the April Poetry Challenge and commit to writing [...]
Nyack’s Post Office It seems to me whenever I pick up a newspaper the United States Postal Service is making headlines. It seems the USPS has billions of dollars in operation defic[...]