• A HUGE MAJORITY OF NEW YORKERS ARE SATISFIED WITH HEALTH REFORM COVERAGE 92% of New Yorkers who became newly insured under health reform (“Obamacare”) are completely or somewhat [...]
Angel: from the Greek angelos, meaning messenger. Many religions and mythologies tell of stories where angels serve as intermediaries, protectors, and ones who guide others. The fo[...]
The Toys of my Youth Toys—do you remember the toys you received as Christmas presents? Maybe your toys were given in celebration of another holiday, but I’m sure each of us can rem[...]
Net Neutrality Net Neutrality Net Neutrality… Try saying that 3 times fast. What is Net Neutrality? Very simply (from the Wikipedia page): Net Neutrality is the principle that Inte[...]
PART 2: Everything you wanted to know about “It’s A Wonderful Life” … and less Sometime in 1945, Frank Capra got the green light to film an unpublished short story, The Great[...]
In the end, Democratic Congressman Bruce Braley may not have beaten Republican State Senator Joni Ernst in the Iowa Senate race this year no matter what. After all, a midterm elect[...]
PART 1: IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE Soon, it will be time for us to see “It’s a Wonderful Life” again. Dust off your DVD copy or wait for it on Television. If you’re a real f[...]
November releases on DVD and On Demand November is, of course, the beginning of the Holiday season. We will all watch our favorite Holiday films both in our collections and on TV. [...]