• How often does the Nyack Villager publish?

    Founded in 1994,The Nyack Villager is published monthly. It is in mailboxes in the River Villages the first week of every month.
  • When are ads and press releases due?

    Deadline for all copy is the 15th of this month for next month’s issue.
  • Why advertise in The Nyack Villager?

    Only The Villager is MAILED to every residential address in all 8 great Hudson River villages—an estimated 30,000 people in one of the nation’s choicest demographics. Residents are VERY involved. They are interested in school, politics, culture, furnishing their homes, dining, recreation, style and so much more. You’re reaching a great mix of working families, young to mature, a great middle to up-market audience with your ad in the Villager
  • What towns specifically get the Nyack Villager?

    Every residential address in the River Villagers, Upper Nyack, Central Nyack, South Nyack, Grand View on Hudson, Upper Grandview, Piermont, Palisades and Snedens Landing, NY. These are great areas with a lot of buying power.
  • Does the Nyack Villager print in color?

    Yes. The Villager prints in full vibrant color on nice, smooth coated stock. Ads can be CMYK full color, or greyscale. No RBG, please.
  • Can you design an ad for me?

    YES! Our graphic artists will design your FIRST ad at no additional charge to you, using your graphics and word copy.
  • What format should camera-ready ads be in?

    Camera-ready ads should be pdf or TIFF at actual size. CMYK or greyscale. No RGB please.
  • How can I pay for ads?

    Visa and Mastercard are accepted, checks are fine to: make checks payable to The Nyack Villager.
    The Nyack Villager: PO Box 82, Nyack NY 10960
    tel: (845) 735-7639 • fax: (845) 735-7669
  • Can I get prices and sizes?