If you are thinking of selling your home and want to obtain the best price (and really, who doesn’t?!) focus on presentation, pricing, promotion and property accessibility. Successful sellers invest in cleaning and sprucing their home up before putting it on the market. This extra effort helps present your home in its best light and differentiates it from many other homes on the market. Sellers are often surprised to learn that approximately 20% of the homes sold in the past year sold at or above their asking price. These homes are thoughtfully priced right from the start. When buyers see your well-presented, well-priced home come on the market they get excited and hurry to see it. More buyers seeing your home can result in multiple offers, driving your selling price up. An aggressive marketing campaign to promote your home is key. It’s not just being on every website buyers utilize, it is how your home is showcased on these sites – inviting descriptions and enticing pictures go a long way toward capturing buyer interest. And finally, the ability for buyers to see your home easily is important. Homes that are easy to show potential buyers are often the ones that sell for the highest price. So, if you’d like to obtain the best price for your home, remember the 4Ps. With that, here are the homes that sold in March. (see complete Nyack Villager column.)