This Spring, Nyack’s Chamber of Commerce launched a program to address issues related to late night businesses in downtown Nyack.

The program will be sponsored and administered by The Nyack Pour House, a Chamber member and will provide a hotline number to call to report issues. In addition, the Chamber of Commerce has formed a business owner group called the Late Night Business Association to advocate for and address issues facing those businesses.

The program commenced in mid-March. Businesses within the designated Late Night Business Zone are invited to use the new hotline (845.727.7687) to report problems to the LNBA. The Late Night Business Zone runs from Franklin to Broadway along Main Street. The hotline will accept calls between 11am and 7pm, 365 days per year except for Christmas and Easter morning. The Nyack Pour House will address callers on a first-come, first-served basis during that time.

“Nyack’s late night businesses are part of the economic backbone of the Village and help make Nyack the place to be, night or day,” said Scott Baird, president of the Nyack Chamber of Commerce. “We commend The Pour House for stepping up to help make Nyack better for its citizens, business owners and patrons.”

On the plus side, late night businesses contribute hundreds of jobs and bring thousands of people to the Village each year.
The Late Night Business Association (LNBA) represents more than 30 businesses—bars, clubs and restaurants, transportation services, marketing and printing services, convenience stores, filling stations and hotels. These businesses provide jobs for more than 300 part-time and full-time workers, half of whom live in Nyack. They employ more than 200 contractors (DJs, bands, artists, karoke, etc.) more than half of whom live in Nyack and Rockland County. They help support more than 300 charities each year, donating more than 3,500 employee hours towards charitable causes annually and they
attract more than 500,000 people to Nyack each year

On the negative side, are complaints that late-night crowds on Friday and Saturday nights create messes ranging from garbage and cigarette butts to human urine and vomit. In places, residents can’t use the sidewalks, crowded as they are with outdoor tables and groups of people standing in front of late-night businesses. There are frequent complaints of rowdy, liquor-driven behavior and, when the closing bell finally rings, of scary, reckless driving by bar patrons on their way home.

We hope the new group will be successful in their efforts to create positive change.