Beverley Bozarth Colgan provided the wonderful watercolors in this issue of The Nyack Villager. She specializes in watercolor paintings of landscapes, floral and botanical still lifes, and house portraits. Beverley has completed hundreds of commissions for satisfied clients and has a large following in the Hudson Valley area.

Beverley says: “I have lived in Nyack for many years and frequently walk along the Hudson with friends and my dogs. It is always a great pleasure, no matter the weather, even in the bitter winter winds. The river has always been a source of inspiration for me and other artists. There is always something interesting to see: storms forming up over Hook Mountain, many varieties of birds, gleaming evening light on calm water in the reeds. There are often fishermen on the shores and we watch as they pull in their silvery catch. I work in transparent watercolor and try to capture these beautiful images. The possibilities are endless.”