BRRRR … It’s Cold!

Now that we have endured one of the coldest months in recorded history, we have discovered deficiencies in our heating systems; the venting is inadequate and so is the insulation on the water pipes. We had our share of frozen water lines, drafty doors and windows, inefficient boilers and exceedingly high utility bills.

Whatever your budget, there is a range of affordable thermal solutions for your home. As Spring approaches in eight short weeks, Bob and Allison brought in a construction team headed up by their licensed master plumber. Together, they assessed their equipment, for example; replacing their old cast iron boiler with a high-energy efficient furnace with a rebate available from the local utility company. This rebate also helps to offset the cost of the installation which Bob was thrilled about. This also increased their budget to expand their work in progress. Bob and Allison added more insulation and replaced inadequate storm doors on the rear of their home, added radiant heat in the bathroom floors and replaced some drafty old wooden windows with high-efficiency energy saving thermal windows, eliminating the need for storm windows.

Bob and Allison sat down with their plumber and electrician. Bob had sketched out some plans that he wanted to implement: location of electrical outlets and switches. He wanted to add high-hats in the bathrooms and over the counter strip lighting in the kitchen with dimmer controls. With their plumber, Bob reviewed adding two fireplaces; one in the living room and the other in the master bedroom. Bob doesn’t want to cut and chop wood, as it is too labor intense and involves removing the ash after the wood burns. He wanted his plumber to install a gas line; his plumber made a plan to install gas lines to two different areas in their home. After the sketch and plans were done, Bob and Allison had decided to wait ten days in case they changed their minds. Once all final decisions were made, they discussed with their plumber and electrician what a good time frame would be to begin these projects. It was decided that August would be ideal as it will take approximately three weeks to complete. In July their plumber and electrician will apply for the necessary permits, as they may take thirty days or longer to get approval. Bob and Allison look forward to lower heating bills and new comforts for their home. They feel secure and prepared for the winter of 2014—2015.

Ralph Spano is president/owner of Sunshine Plumbing & Heating. He can be reached at any time at 845.548.3054. Visit him online at sunshineplumbingandheating.com or by e-mail at: onaps.r@gmail.com