The next time you hear someone say he doesn’t bother to vote because his vote won’t matter—remind him that, in this year’s election, Andy Stewart was reelected Orangetown Supervisor by just two votes.

On Election Day, November 5, Walter Wettje (R) led Andy Stewart (D) by 36 votes and later, by 18 votes.

When absentee ballots were counted, the lead changed in favor of Mr. Stewart, who was now ahead by three votes as both sides went to the state Supreme Court to seek a ruling on the last 12 ballots.

Judge Victor Alfieri ruled that six of the remaining 12 ballots had flaws making them ineligible to be counted, including unsealed ballots and those that arrived at the Board of Elections too late. One was signed with a rubber stamp and two signatures failed to match because a husband and wife mistakenly signed each other’s return envelopes.

When the six remaining ballots were counted, three went to Mr.Wettje, two to Mr. Stewart and one neglected to vote in the Supervisor’s race.

As we go to press, Andy Stewart is now ahead—by just two votes. The tally:

Andy Stewart …………….. 6,148
Walter J. Wettje, Jr. …….. 6,146

As we write this, the matter is before the NY Appellate Court. Their decision should be known in about a week.