It’s wonderful to be back after the summer break.

The air conditioning season will soon wind down, although you will still need it for those occasional Indian Summer days.

Some of you went through last winter with furnaces and steam boilers on their last legs. Now is the time to re-evaluate how to keep your homes warm. Your equipment should be checked and if it is antiquated, it should be replaced with high-efficient, state-of-the-art heating equipment. An energy efficient evaluation of your home is a must. If the heating system needs to be replaced, make plans and provisions to do so immediately. The closer you get to cold winter days the more the cost of the equipment will rise. The best time to replace the heating system is in late Summer /early Autumn.

Depending upon what your home requires, most installations can be completed in one to two days. There may be some lead-time on energy efficient equipment so place your order as soon as possible.

Jack and Judy, who live in a pre-war home in Upper Nyack, barely got through the last heating season. Earlier, their plumber recommended that they replace their heating system but Jack and Judy chose to hold off. The outcome was three equipment failures that resulted in expensive service calls and the discomfort of living without heat. It was time to take their plumber’s advice.

They had a steam boiler that originally used coal to generate heat. In the forties the steam boiler was converted to number two fuel oil. In the oil crisis of the ‘70s when everyone waited for hours on line for gas and the cost of fuel oil quadrupled, Jack and Judy’s heating system was converted to natural gas. They didn’t have to worry about measuring their oil supply to see what was left and they never got any more terrible fuel oil smells during deliveries.

With the price of natural gas shooting through the roof, Jack and Judy’s focus is investing in cost-efficient heat. Their plumber advised them to replace some of their old steam return lines that are partially blocked and replace the asbestos-covered boiler that was the original heating system of the house.

Their plumber recommended they increase the size of the boiler, so at a later date Jack and Judy will have the option to expand or refinish their basement or add some additional heat to include two of their drafty bedrooms on the second floor.

They hired their plumber, who sized up what they needed and the work began.
Tune in next month to see what happens next.

Ralph Spano is president/owner of Sunshine Plumbing & Heating. He can be reached at any time at 845.548.3054. Visit him online at sunshineplumbingandheating.com or by e-mail at: onaps.r@gmail.com