Last month, The Nyack Villager signed an online petition urging the U.S. Congress to keep its hands off our Post Office. We hope you ll consider taking action, too. Here is the petition:

The U.S. Postal Service has been around since the first draft of our Constitution and has never, ever had any special financial requirements placed on it. Until now.
In 2006 the Bush-era Congress passed a bill to effectively kill the Postal Service, requiring it to pre-fund their workers  health benefits 75 YEARS into the future.

No country, corporation or government service has EVER been required to fund the full retiree health benefits for workers who aren t even born yet there is literally no financial reason to do so unless you wanted to kill the Postal Service. And right on cue the Postal Service announced it is being forced to cut Saturday mail.

ENOUGH! Tell Congress to stop destroying our mail system:


After you sign, please forward it to your friends and family.