From the Chamber of Commerce of the Nyacks
There must be good gastronomic karma at 8 North Broadway.  For years, Nyackers knew this place as a great restaurant—Lu Shane’s,  but for the past few years, we’ve walked past that dark, empty space wondering when someone would move in and create their dream restaurant.  The wait is over.  A group of friends took over the space and started a great new restaurant known simply as 8 North Broadway.
8 North Broadway opened in December, 2012.  With a chic copper bar and beautiful modern design, you can tell—the place is going to be a big hit.  The chefs, Constantine Kalandranis and Hichim Habbas, have worked for some of the biggest names in NY City’s culinary community.  Their Mediterranean menu includes offerings from Greece, Spain, Italy and France.  From sizzling octopus to quail on the plancha to pan roasted rib eye, all of their menu items are exotic and enticing.
The restaurant’s philosophy is to shop local and provide fresh, local food.  The owners are supporters of the Nyack Farmers’ Market and now, the Winter Farmers’ Market at the Nyack Center.   Every day, they bring in fresh fish right off the docks—so you never know what will be on the menu.  And here’s something else that’s different—they have 6 local beers on tap and three local wines.
Nyack is proud to boast yet another destination dining experience.
Scott Baird is President of the Nyack Chamber of Commerce and is a commercial realtor with Rand Commercial Services.  You can reach him at scott.baird@randcommercial.com  and the Chamber at www.nyackchamber.org