Something for your sweet tooth

When James Scott decided to reinvent himself and make a change from the construction business he had started 23 years earlier in Nyack, he settled on something that would make people smile. His new venture, The Sweet Spot, one of Nyack’s newest businesses, opened about six weeks ago at 11 South Broadway, in the center of our commercial district.

The Sweet Spot is every child’s dream—and a stroll down Memory Lane for any adult, with sweet tooth or not. When you wander in to the warm, vibrant shop, you’ll find everything from Hot Tamales sold in bulk to light blue M&Ms and everything else you could possibly imagine in a confectionary heaven made just for you.

The store is festively and uniquely decorated, from the exposed brick walls, to the hardwood floors, to the tropical fish tank and candy “accessories” whimsical candy artwork, elaborate candy dispensers and more. Everything about the place says, ‘Come in, enjoy yourself, escape to the proverbial candy store of your dreams.’

The only authentic “candy-only” store in Rockland, the Sweet Spot has already become a draw as residents of greater Rockland, Westchester and North Jersey discover this one-of-a-kind “sweet” experience. It’s no surprise that James says the richest reward he gets from the business are the smiles on people’s faces as they shop and walk out with a small bag of indulgences. (I had to sample the dark chocolate-covered almonds.)

Despite the obvious appeal, James is not resting on the potential success of a business that is inherently inviting and exciting. He sees a broader future for The Sweet Spot. From offering a “candy buffet” for weddings and mitzvahs, hosting birthday parties at the store, and soon sponsoring a “movie night” for children while their parents enjoy the more adult dining opportunities in the Village, James is aiming to carve out a special new niche for his fledgling venture.

Children and adults who came downtown for the recent “Boooo Sandy” event saw James distributing candy and toothbrushes to the crowds, and donating proceeds from his sales to Soup Angels. James is optimistic about Nyack and its entrepreneurial spirit and looks forward to continuing to contribute to a vibrant and active Nyack business community. We’re excited to have James and the Sweet Spot in Nyack and wish him luck.

Scott Baird is President of the Nyack Chamber of Commerce and is a commercial realtor with Rand Commercial Services. You can reach him at scott.baird@randcommercial.com and the Chamber at www.nyackchamber.org