With the electricity out for days, we heard this again and again: we had to throw out everything in the refrigerators and freezers. But one person said, “I really can’t afford to lose all that food but at least now I will have room in the freezer to make home made Ice cream for the family.”

Faced with large property loss we heard again and again “It’s only stuff. Others were hurt—and some died.”

As Hurricane Sandy Hit its peak, Nyack and Piermont volunteer firefighters went right on working. The same was true of first responders across the county. The Salvation Army prepared breakfast, lunch and dinner for local people made homeless by the storm. After the storm many people needed help. Glenn Osonitsch, of Great Dames Boutique in Nyack, heard there were people in Piermont who had lost their homes and were shivering in the cold. So he went into his pitch-black shop, took arms full of clothing off the racks and brought them to the folks.

In the days following, there a fundraiser at The Turning Point—Musicians Rock For Piermont raised $5,400 for the Piermont Fire Department and the Ladies Auxiliary.

The Pour House and Olive’s, in Nyack, collected blankets, canned food and clothing to assist people in need in the area.

Many many other unnamed businesses and people collected goods and raised money for our friends and neighbors.

We have all seen that, sometimes, hardship and tragedy brings out the best in us.