When the power went out at my 6th Ave apartment for the second time around 6pm Monday night, I knew that would be it. Now I could fire-up a few of the Shabbos candles from the box of seventy-two I purchased earlier that day from Stop & Shop—on sale for $5.41; they were all the market had left when I arrived, but I figured that there was no better choice than candles that burned with a light straight from the source of creation —and had to answer to a Higher Authority—what with the apocalypse upon us.

By 7pm I was bored and restless sitting all alone in romantic candle light. It was time to get out and experience a night on the town as I had been inside most of the day. I saddled up, grabbed a flashlight and headed down 6th Avenue, paying little attention to the voice in my head that suggested this might be a truly foolish idea.

Heading down Hart Place, my usual route into town, I sensed a looming obstruction up ahead in the dark and was soon confronted by two trees down, impassable on foot. I backed myself to 6th and headed down to Broadway in what was truly a Disney-esque rendition of Ichabod Crane and The Ride of the Headless Horseman. Every tree a seemed to be a menacing claw lurching in my direction.

By the time I approached 3rd Avenue,
I felt more nervous being out walking than I ever had since I moved here in 1982. How the taller trees managed to stay in one piece I don’t know. One flying branch or limb could take me out and they’d find me on the street in the morning, wondering why such an idiot had been out in the first place.

As I arrived in town, I noticed one other human form walking on Broadway and wondered where the heck he might be headed—to OD’s, maybe—could they really be open? When he arrived at Main Street he turned left, and when I peered around the corner in his direction I was elated to find OD’s lights on and the mystery soul disappearing through its door. Following down that way I went in—with glee!

There were several folks seated around the bar having whatever and I, happy to see other fellow humans, strangers though they were, issued a few choice expletives about the climactic conditions and quickly sat down to survey my choices on tap. Closest to me: Headless Horseman Ale…No! Really? The ONLY choice for me!

“I’ll take a glass of the Headless Horseman,” I said to the bartender, who didn’t even know that was one of the choices.
“It’s this one,” I said pointing to the white lever.

As the lights in OD’s flickered on and off repeatedly, the apparently inebriated guy sitting next to me kept referencing Star Trek and the Starship Enterprise and how its lights would always flicker whenever it fired photon torpedoes.

I finished my brew. Feeling well-medicated, I paid up, tipped well and headed out to Main Street and up toward Franklin and finally back up 6th Avenue. The walk back seemed no less menacing than the walk in to town.

Arriving safely at my place in one piece,
I was relieved to have survived my adventure.

Neil R. Borodkin M.S., L.Ac. is a New York State Licensed Acupuncture and Manual Therapist. He resides in Nyack.