Cynthia Fuller-King, originally from Toronto,has lived in Rockland County for five years. She has developed a unique yoga based practice, “a holistic technique that restores and rejuvenates a person’s physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing” called The Fuller Method.

She draws on her years of experience as a professional modern dancer, and as a registered yoga teacher at the 500 level.

Cynthia also draws upon an “extensive background of bodywork using Alexander Technique, energy work and meditation, synthesizing her eclectic array of body knowledge and mindfulness.” She has taught yoga-based classes since 1983, “guiding and encouraging students to move into each posture with intention of creating optimal alignment, strength, flexibility and awareness.”

The Fulller Yoga Studio in Palisades offers a beautiful, retreat-like setting amidst open meadow, woodland and perennial gardens, surrounded by wildlife and suffused with a sense of community.

Ongoing classes are small, allowing personal attention. Her instruction ranges from gentle beginner to advanced level. Private therapeutic sessions for pain relief, weight management, stress, and postural issues are also available.

The property, located on an artist compound is welcoming and accessible. Cynthia’s unique method helps you take what you’ve learned into day-to-day life at very reasonable rates.

She also offers annual retreats to Guatemala from February 23 through March 2.

For more details call Cynthia Fuller-King at 845.359.3290 or visit on the Internet at www.thefullermethod.com